Michael Carter is my Weapon Of Choice

Simply iconic. Anywho, if there’s one skill position guy I want on my offense this year, it’s UNC RB Michael Carter.

1,245 rushing yards at 8.0 YPC in 2020, 267 in receiving, and 11 TD’s. Those numbers are from 11 games. And lest you think he’s a flash in the pan, in 2019 Carter had 1000 yards on the ground as well. All of this while splitting carries with another very talented back in Javonte Williams, who has very much overshadowed him in the draft process hype.

Carter is undersized to be a true feature back, and that shows up mostly in pass pro. But otherwise, he’s got it all. Starting with ELITE vision in the first and second levels.

I mean…come on! But what I love most about Carter is the impact I think he can have in the passing game.

He’s not a complete back yet, and I’m not sure if he’ll ever truly get there due to his size. But honestly I don’t think it’ll matter in the end. A lot of teams have shifted to RB by committee at this point, and creative offenses like San Fran and Green Bay could get him heavily involved early on with jet motions and routes from the slot/backfield. In addition, Carter has a reputation as a locker room leader with a positive attitude and solid head on his shoulders.

I usually hate player comps because no two players are the same, but I can’t help but see a lot of Aaron Jones in his running style. Carter thinks so too.

Michael Carter won’t be a first round pick, and might not even be a second round pick. Guys like this will tell you RB’s aren’t valuable.

While analytically speaking there’s a grain of truth to that, some players just can do things on a football field that others can’t. Carter is one of those guys. Regardless of draft position, I’m expecting big things from the “other” UNC back. Don’t doubt Michael Carter.

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