2021 NFL Draft All Rookie Offense

This exercise will be like a slice of heaven for Lions and Jets fans, though they’d would probably still find a way to botch it. What I’m doing here today is composing an all-rookie offense from next week’s draft prospects. Now, you could simply jump over to the ESPN or Bleacher Report big board and plug their top ranked guys into this team. But that would be lame. And probably wrong. Because they had Kevin White as WR1 in 2015, and Stefon Diggs as WR36. Yikes…

To be fair, even the Vikings probably had their board something like that as well, but I’m choosing to ignore that and stab blindly in the dark with my own predictions. For the offense, we’ll be running out of 11 personnel with a predominantly zone blocking scheme. Let the games begin!

QB – Zach Wilson

What!?!? Who the heck doesn’t put Lawrence here? Me…and Chris Simms (who has been money on his draft predictions). From the film I’ve seen of the two, Wilson has the better arm, timing, and accuracy, less surrounding talent, and better rushing ability. Lawrence will be a good QB I’m sure, but Wilson is the superstar.

TE – Kyle Pitts

I’m not supid.

RB – Michael Carter

He’s not gonna be a stonewall in pass-pro, but MAN, this guy dangerous! Elite vision, balance, and quickness is a combo that usually translates well to the NFL, and Carter has that in spades. You just can’t tackle him in open space.

WR (X) – Ja’marr Chase

In the past 5 years of watching draft prospects, I’ve never seen a WR as good as Chase was in 2019. He’s not perfect, but there’s no way I’m betting against him getting even better (He just turned 21 years old).

WR (Z) – Rashod Bateman

Bateman is my separation guy with shades of Tae’ Adams and Amari Cooper in his game. He didn’t face press as much as Chase, which is why I have him at Z, though he certainly can play on the line. As I watched Tyler Johnson’s tape last year, my focus kept being drawn to number 13. The guy was just cooking DB’s with his breaks, and I expect him to continue that in the NFL.

WR (slot) – Devonta Smith

There’s so many great slot options this year (both Moore’s, Eskridge, Toney), but I’m sticking with the Heisman winner. Can he win on the outside? Yep. But I’m going to play him inside for this exercise and forget about any weight concerns.

OT – Penei Sewell, Christian Darrisaw

Both guys are elite athletes with all-pro potential. Neither allowed a sack in their last season of football (2019 and 2020 respectively).

OG – Rashawn Slater, Elijah Vera-Tucker

As amazing as the two tackles are, I might like these guys even more. Both played OT in college, but project to guard due to arm length. I honestly think they both would be fine starting outside, but positional versatility extremely valuable. For the exercise I happen to plug them in at guard.

OC – Creed Humphrey

Creed just looks like an NFL lineman.

He’s also really smart, which is an underrated (amongst media gurus) trait for the position. And he’s really good at football, so there’s that.

Now I can almost guarantee some 6th round WR no one has ever heard of (or Trevor Lawrence) will go and mess this up within two seasons. But I’m hoping to save the receipts on a few of these predictions.

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