Should You Be Excited If Your Team Drafts This Guy – Jayson Oweh

The SYBEIYTDTG series is designed to give you a bite-sized synopsis of players who will be eligible for the 2021 NFL draft in Cleveland.

First off let me say this. Sacks are overrated. Ask any analytics guy who coaches defense, and they’ll tell you that pressures are more impactful than than sacks when compared to the rate at which they occur. A good NFL EDGE player might put up 14 sacks in a season, but have 60 plus pressures.

This to say, when you look up Oweh’s 2020 stats and see ZERO sacks, don’t write him off immediately. On the positive side, he tested like Captain America in the pre-draft process.

On tape, you can see flashes of it. He sidesteps blockers well, and if he has a running start, will often get inside OT’s pads and drive them back.

In run support, he generally sets the edge well, and can chase down ball carriers from behind.

So it’s understandable that Oweh has some decent hype entering the draft. The physical traits elite. My issue is seeing him come off the board in round one. That’s a huge gamble to take based mostly on athleticism. Oweh has very few pass rush moves in his toolbox right now, and even those seem sporadic. He also let’s blockers into his frame if he can’t outreach them and his hands don’t show the strength to know down blocks. There’s rarely a clear rush plan, and certainly no counter moves.

Watch 2:53 and 5:03

And 1:23 below. 4:00 shows really nice shoulder dip, but his pass rush arc is too wide to be useful in NFL, where most tackles have enough foot speed to carry him out the back of the pocket.

Oweh has received Danielle Hunter comps, but just remember: For every Hunter, there’s 10+ guys like him who didn’t stick in the league. If a team like Green Bay or Jacksonville (who both employ an excellent coach at developing LB’s) drafts him mid Day 2, I can get behind the pick. However, if your team takes him in the mid first round…


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