Should You Be Excited If Your Team Drafts This Guy? – D’Wayne Eskridge

The SYBEIYTDTG series is designed to give you a bite-sized synopsis of players who will be eligible for the 2021 NFL draft in Cleveland.

Yes, yes you should. First and foremost, Eskridge is FAST. But unlike some players, he can control that speed.

With separation like that, I don’t think even Dr. Phil could reconcile him and the DB back together.

On top of cooking defenders for several years in the MAC conference, he also went to the Senior Bowl and did the exact same thing.

So what’s the catch? Well, the biggest knock you’ll hear is that he’s only 5’8”. There’s not exactly a crowded bar full of successful NFL WR’s who are shorter than 5’9″. In addition, he’s already 24 years old, and concentration drops show up on tape as well. Still, he has pretty solid hands overall, runs excellent routes, blocks his butt off, and put up some banana cream pie numbers during his college career. As of now, he’s projected to go in the 3rd round range, but I’m confident that five years from now, he’ll have well outplayed that draft position. Take it to the bank, D’Wayne Eskridge will be cash money, nay, SOLID GOLD on Sundays.

Verdict –

Full highlights below

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